You favor left or right brain

by hongminhchau0102
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If you look at the picture below, what you see will tell whether you are biased towards left brain or right brain.
The left brain governs language, conceptual, number, analysis, and logical abilities. Meanwhile, the brain must dominate the abilities of music, painting, imagination, art, and sensitivity. Now look at the image below, what do you see? What you see will tell you whether you’re more left-brained or right-brained.

If you see letter X

The letter you see shows you’re in favor of left-brain thinking. Your ability to reason and judgment is very high. You live objectively, always judging things based on facts instead of feelings. Everything based on the difference is often not appreciated, or even considered irrational.

If you see two human faces facing each other

You are inclined to right brain thinking. Your world is full of colors and angles, not just the existence of matter, but also of consciousness. Your feelings are very important. However, that sometimes means that you judge everything emotional, irrational, and this becomes your limit.

If you see both at the same time.

The balance between left brain and right brain shows that sometimes you get stuck with choices and forced to choose. You even see inside yourself as two opposing people, like two children constantly arguing. This makes you exhausted sometimes.

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