What men really hate when doing sex

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Doing “love story” always requires the harmony of both body and soul. Women often mistakenly think that men are easily satisfied when “in love”. In fact, there are many things they extremely hate when they are “in battle” that they still often commit.

Only he took the initiative

Whether it is with men or women, the partner’s attitude is the decisive factor in any “love”. If he was always the one to take the initiative from foreplay to leading all positions while she just waited, he would think that the other party wasn’t excited at all. Instead, he wanted her to be a little proactive and know a little of knowledge about “love story”.

Lying like a statue

This is what most men absolutely hate when doing “love” with his wife. Think about it, is anyone interested in “falling in love” with a person lying still as motionless as a log? Of course, he may forgive you for the first few times because he thinks you’re shy, but if you keep repeating these things every day, your husband will get bored and lose interest in the pillow.

Timid body movement

The initiative in love should come from both sides so that “love” becomes perfect. He will feel more confident if your body movements are a little violent and show an attractive, not shy, or embarrassed expression. If you do the opposite, the general intangibility will make him very self-confident about his sexual ability. For that reason, be positive in all circumstances so that “love” becomes perfect.

Expressing expressionless eyes

If there was a dim light in a room, he would have liked to see her sparkling gaze filled with emotion instead of just staring at the ceiling or trying to widen endlessly. Men especially hate your wife looking down on the bed, staring at his body because it means you are skeptical or bored “sex”.

Dry voice

No need to be flashy, but try to say meaningful sentences that the boys want to hear the most. In the process of “love”, take advantage of your breath effectively because this is a weapon that both helps increase excitement for him and is the secret to rapid and prolonged climax.

Chattering too much in bed

You guys think about it, who is in a passionate moment where we keep talking and chattering, right? Talking when “in love” is good, but when he is very focused on the “love”, his mind can only think about how to reach orgasm you keep chattering.

Poor preparation

Men rarely like their wives, who do not have clean bedding and good pajamas. Because then, they will test the level of expectation and satisfaction in her “love” in order to prepare mentally in the best way.

“Direct” his actions

Men lead, so they don’t like being directed or obeyed by others. In particular, in sexual matters, men want to show their bravery with “the other half”. Therefore, her instructions or instructions such as “Don’t do that”, “You have to do this” … will make him extremely uncomfortable and lose interest. Of course you will have certain interests, but explain to him before you two join the fight. If you continue to control his actions, he will lose interest.

Love limits

Men hate this when “in love”, so if something is busy, women should frankly decline the invitation, not accept “love” indifferently, hastily. If they still accept close words when their moods are uncomfortable and set limits for “love”, the other party will feel disrespected and lose interest.

Letting the body “smell”

Not cleaning the body cleanly before the “match” is a taboo in any couple’s sex story because the clean body hygiene contributes to the quality of love to be increased. Women can use more fragrance to create romance with him. Don’t you think it’s okay to be a husband and wife. The body “stink” or sloppy can make him lose interest immediately.


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