The truth 24 hours after birth that no one tells pregnant mothers

by duyhungb5
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After giving birth, many mothers have the following problems :

1. The baby looks so wrinkled, weird

The mother must admit that the newborn baby’s skin is not as smooth and smooth as in the movie, even looks wrinkled and weird like a baby monkey eating chili.

2. After giving birth, it still hurts

The Creator gave the woman the motherhood, but pain accompanies it that even after giving birth, the pain is still persistent.

3. Go to the toilet

At first, going to the toilet is scary – because not only do you have a sharp pain, but you also can’t feel what’s going on … below. Drink plenty of water to dilute the urine.
Contact midwives or your doctor when you:
– Unable to urinate.
– Feeling painful or having an unpleasant odor.

You may not have a bowel movement for a few days after giving birth, but try not to get constipated.
Eat lots of fresh fruits, vegetables, salads, whole grains and drink lots of water. Constipation can cause stitches to open or open up your stitches.
If possible, use a clean bandage to cover your stitches when you have a bowel movement and don’t try to BLOCK!
If your constipation still does not improve, use a laxative or syringe for help.
Seek medical attention if you have incontinence.

4. Bladder control

After giving birth, you may experience incontinence when you laugh, cough, or move suddenly.
Pelvic floor exercises or physical therapy exercises will help you with this problem.

5. Mom must show “goods” continuously.

Now you have become a mother of a baby. It becomes more frequent to talk about breastfeeding, and then to strip off the breast, don’t be too embarrassed or surprised.

6. The first time I took a bath was blood.

Mom, don’t worry, bleeding after giving birth is normal. The uterus contracts to push the fluid out. The first time you take a shower, it will be more.

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