The most economical Mongolian travel experience

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Coming to Mongolia, you are looking at a unique green steppe in the world. Mongolia owns vast grasslands, the relaxed and leisurely pace of the gentle and prolific nomads, wolf casino games is a solution to all of your problems. In addition, you can also discover ancient Buddhist temples. With the most economical Mongolian travel experience, hopefully, young people who are passionate about travel will have an unforgettable time in this land deep in the Central Asian continent.

Immigration procedures in Mongolia

* Immigration: You need to prepare documents for immigration as

+ Ordinary passport (to paste visa)
+ Identity card
+ Tickets to Mongolia (round trip)

Mongolia entry declaration

+ The detailed travel schedule plan in Mongolia

* Exit:

At the end of your tour, you need to present the declaration form with your passport, the staff will seal the confirmation and return it to you.

Supplies necessary when traveling to Mongolia

Passport: If you don’t have one, the trip won’t work
– Clothes, sports shoes, hats are never missing items. Depending on the time, the season you go to bring weather-appropriate clothes. As for shoes, bring all kinds of sports shoes for easy travel.
– Medical supplies: In order to avoid climatic conditions in Mongolia that should not occur during the trip, you need to bring some common and popular medicines such as flu, headache, stomach pain medicine, pain relief, …
– Food: If you want your trip to be as economical as possible, bring cup noodles and dry food
– Phones, battery charger, toothbrush, shampoo, towels, medicine, maps, cameras …
– Should bring a small personal computer to facilitate the calculation when shopping or changing money.

* Note:

Important documents such as passports, cash, jewelry, and other valuables should be brought with you or deposited in a safe box at the hotel reception.
Currency and payments in Mongolia

– The official currency used in Mongolia is the Tugrug (MNT).
– You can also bring US dollars to exchange in Mongolia
– Credit cards are also used in some hotels and airline representative offices in Ulaanbaatar.

How to move when traveling to Mongolia

You will travel to Mongolia by plane and then travel to the ancient lands by popular means here. Visitors can take cars, taxis, and buses. Coming to the fields and deserts, you will experience a means of sitting on camel’s back or clever and extremely pleasant and hospitable horses.

Phone number to store before going to Mongolia

– Ambulance: +102
– Fire: +101
– Police: +102

The appropriate time of year to travel to Mongolia

– From May to early October: This period is considered the ideal time to go to Mongolia. The weather is cool, pleasant, and only hot when the sun is not obscured by clouds. However, this is the high season of the tourist season here, accommodation is inadequate and traffic is very crowded.
– September and October is the best time to visit the Gobi Desert. The summer temperature in Gobil is 40 degrees Celsius but winter is windy. You can see snow on the Gobi Desert in late April and some lakes remain frozen until June. There is a short rainy season from mid-July to September. Due to the high pressure, evenings are cold even during summer.
– From January and February to April: the weather here is freezing and harsh. Ulaanbaatar is possibly the coldest city in the world. The weather from July to September is probably the most ideal, but this time can still be suddenly cold.

About Mongolia
The beautiful places to visit should not be missed when traveling to Mongolia

* Mongolia Altay Mountains:

This mountain range has a length of 900 km through the territory of two provinces of the Northwest and Southern Mongolia. This is one of the 3 highest and longest mountain ranges in Mongolia. In winter, many of the peaks in the mountain range are covered with a thick layer of snow, under the clear blue sky it becomes exquisite.

* Gobi Desert

In the heart of Mongolia is also a typical symbol that brings a new and exciting experience to visitors from afar. However, to visit the Gobi desert, you must prepare yourself for the heat of it and remember to bring drinking water.

* Capital of Ulaanbaata:

The capital of Mongolia is a combination of majestic mountains, vast squares, and the solemn ancient beauty of Buddhist temples. In the capital, there are many rustic markets, always filled with laughter and joyful activities of shopping throughout the day.

Gorkh National Park – Terelj

The park in the Khentii Mountains is the most popular tourist park in Mongolia. Here, visitors can feel the fresh air, enjoy a cool, pleasant climate and freely save a beautiful image with many beautiful natural scenes.

* Naadam festival

This unique cultural event is held in almost all of this steppe country, but the biggest festival is still in the capital Ulaanbaatar with three major competitions: archery, wrestling and horse racing. Attending the Naadam festival, you not only get to see exciting performances but also enjoy traditional Mongolian dishes, goat yogurt and traditional tea.

* Eagle hunting festival

This annual eagle hunting festival of the Turiks. The eagle hunting festival is held every October at Bayan Olgii in western Mongolia. The tradition of eagle hunting was introduced to Mongolia from the northern Chinese Manchu nomads around AD 940.

* Ice festival

Khuvsgul is Mongolia’s largest lake. Every New Year’s Eve, this lake completely freezes, and it is the time for a unique festival to be held here. The Khuvsgul Ice Festival takes place over 2 days, and all the games at the festival are traditional sports activities of the Mongol people. The Ice Festival is an opportunity for people to gather and pay homage to Khuvsgul Lake every new year, and, this festival is also a valuable cultural value that everyone wants to keep preserve.

Delicious dishes should not be missed when traveling to Mongolia
* Goat rock stew

Ingredients to make the goat rock stew include the goat meat, which is divided into small pieces of bone, vegetables, a little spice and … ice. To cook the rock-stewed goat dish, the people here choose only large rocks equivalent to holding hands. The surface is smooth and then washed, heated in the fire for hours. Besides helping the dish cook evenly, the dry ice cubes also work to absorb the fatty layer of the goat meat. When “out to the oven”, the dish is served by hand instead of using a fork to split it.

* Grilled lamb

Grilled lamb thighs with herbs, cardamom are considered the souls of all Mongolian parties … The image of a fire burning in the cold weather surrounded by men and women And even cold-red cheeks, waiting together for cooked lamb skewers, seem to have become a cultural feature of the Mongol people.

* Aaruul

Aaruul is naturally curled, naturally dried milk in the air and in the sun. There is no time limit to use this dish, of course, with the typical weather of Mongolia. Because of the “not right” hardness of this dish, experts believe that Aaruul is one factor that “ensures” for strong and healthy Mongolian teeth.

* Buuz

Buuz is actually a kind of steamed cake, but the way of making it with the meat of the Mongols makes many people curious. To make a steamed cake, the chefs here will prepare the cake with ingredients such as lamb or beef combined with onion, garlic, and spices.

Hotels and motels in Mongolia

In big cities like Ulaanbaatar capital, there will be quite a few high-end and modern hotels, you can choose for yourself an ideal resting stop. If you go to land or village far from the city center, you can choose cheap, cheap motels or sleep with the people sleep at a temple … Mongolian people are very hospitable, so You will not have to worry about having any place to rest in Mongolia.

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