Smart parents teach their children how to overcome jealousy

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Child jealousy is a perfectly normal feeling for young children, a basic human emotion that most people face in many life situations. It is delusional when you believe that this natural feeling will somehow naturally disappear as your child grows up.
However, when children are 3-5 years old, being aware of everything around them, they often ask questions such as why this friend dresses better than his child, you have a beautiful toy that he does not have … At that time, Parents should not scold or blame but seek guidance to help children understand how to overcome jealousy.

Here are some everyday remedies that many parents take to help their children gradually get rid of the jealousy.

Praise reality, don’t lie

Parents have a great responsibility in ensuring their children’s emotions are recognized, helping their children to build their emotions, not letting them feel insecure and reliable.
Children hear and feel things very differently from adults, so it is important for parents to be aware of the effects of the words they are saying. Complimenting correctly, not lying is one of the first steps your child will take to believe.

Avoid comparison

Each child has a different personality, gift, intelligence, and emotion, so it is not realistic to ask for the same skills or behaviors.
When compared, children unknowingly understand that they are not good, constantly feel they need to be like others, and gradually become inferior. Remember, the more confident our children are, the less likely we are to be deeply affected by our feelings of jealousy.

Focus on progress, not results

Teaching your child over jealousy begins with laying a strong foundation – building self-confidence.
When your child has a feeling of jealousy, positive, non-comparative affirmations are one of the good ways to get them through. However, having a ticket that is sure to win, never fail, is to show unconditional love for your child.
If your child understands that you love and are proud of them even if they don’t do well, don’t top their class, or win a competition, this will greatly reduce their jealousy.

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