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Appearance is because of genetics, and many people think IQ is also genetic, but the effort to train is more important. wolf casino games is solely dedicated to helping you. Today, we will talk about four ways to improve your child’s intelligence. As a parent, did you know?

Supplementing many nutrients that are beneficial for brain development

This is very important, many scientific studies have shown that DHA and AA are two important factors affecting the brain development of the baby, DHA also known as “Brain Gold”, is a type Unsaturated fatty acids are extremely important for the human body.
Your baby has enough DHA, which can help form brain connections effectively. The richer these nerves, the stronger the child’s perceptual ability, promoting the child’s learning ability.
DHA is also an important component of the retina, getting enough DHA can promote the child’s retinal development and prevent myopia.
Before the age of three, the child’s brain is in a period of rapid development. However, during this period, DHA converting enzyme in infants and young children is relatively lacking, so we need to add enough DHA for children.

Guide your baby to explore.

Basically, many parents prevent their children from actively doing something outside of their protection, the intention is good, but this also hinders the child’s desire to explore. You must know that when your baby discovers a new thing that promotes hand, brain and eye coordination, this is also a channel to enhance intelligence.
Therefore, when the baby is young, guide your baby to explore, do not keep the baby at home all day for fear that the baby is dirty, this is not a protection measure but a harm.
During the discovery process, children not only practice the coordination of limbs but also give them a deeper understanding of the world, through their own understanding of the world, they can preliminarily understand. about space, logic, …

Encouragement and support from parents

It is said that there is nothing wrong with parents being the best teacher for their children, especially the emotional impact is huge, if parents keep telling their children, “Why are you so stupid”, “You do Too bad ”,…, whatever problems the child encounters later on, for the first time in the child’s mind will all show that he is not good enough, this will affect his intellectual and personality development.
If parents always encourage their children they will be cheerful, generous, will actively think and try when encountering things, enhancing intelligence.

A good language environment

Through scientific research, the average intelligence index of children living in a good language environment is much higher than a child living in a boring language environment. The so-called good language environment is for children to have enough love and companionship.
Talk to your child more when he cannot speak so he can form a response. When your child is learning to speak, you should communicate more with them. Even when children do not understand the meaning, children will form concepts of words. Therefore, to stimulate their own language development system.
The more parents talk to their children, the more likely they are to encourage their children to speak faster, and in the future they will have more vocabulary, creating a good foundation for later learning and social communication.

Therefore, inheriting intelligence is a part, but training effort is also very important. Do not be discouraged with your children, doing these well can speed up your child’s intellectual development!

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