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Why should you try to dye your hair with natural ingredients?

A beautiful hair color will enhance the beauty of your face, especially brighten your skin. Find more information about the wolf casino games to improve your results. The method that most people choose is to go to the hair salon to dye their hair as they like. Here, the hairdressers will choose hair dyes according to the color you desire to dye your hair.
However, these hair dyes contain unhealthy chemicals. According to information from the American Cancer Society, hair dyes cause semi-permanent oxidation and permanently penetrate the hair shaft. It also can increase the risk of cancer, especially leukemia, bladder cancer. The hair dye chemicals are also potentially dangerous to cause skin irritation, hair damage, and hair fibers, making hair more prone to breakage.
With that situation, many women today choose to dye their hair with natural ingredients to avoid damaging the hair and harmful to the body. The raw materials are the familiar bulbs, fruits and leaves in life, easy to find, easy to find, and cheap for anyone to do.

4 ways to dye your hair with natural ingredients

To have the desired color, soft, shiny hair, without going to the salon, you can apply 5 ways to dye your hair at home with natural ingredients:

1. Dye your hair black with honey locust tree fruit or strong tea

For long, shiny black hair, prepare a thick tea or a honey locust tree fruit.
Special tea: You use about 100-200g of dry green tea and boil it with water to get a thick tea. After cooling, use this tea to wash your hair. You use this tea to make the entire hair wet and do it repeatedly for 15-20 times. Wash and massage the scalp and massage the hair from head to toe. Then let your hair soak in tea like that for about 15 minutes and then rinse with clean water and regular shampoo. You should do this black tea dying once a week. Persevering in, soon a shiny black hair.
Crystalline: honey locust tree fruit has been used since ancient times to boil water to wash hair, making hair black and soft. You just need to take each boiled honey locust tree fruit with water, then crumple the honey locust tree fruit out there to get a really thick boiled water and wash your hair. You should do 2-3 times a week to wash your hair. If you persist, you will soon have a long, silky, shiny black hair. In addition, washing the hair of the pigeon also helps to reduce the fiber condition, hair loss.

2. Dye chestnut brown hair with coffee

To have extremely youthful chestnut brown hair, you need to prepare a bag of coffee that has been roasted and ground. This is an extremely simple hair color treatment that has been applied by many girls at home and has been successful. The result is chestnut brown hair, and the hair looks smoother and lustrous.
To do this method of hair dyeing with coffee, you only need one ingredient, pure coffee. Take the coffee powder and mix it with very thick boiling water, then filter the water. While the water is still slightly warm, start dipping your hair into a tub of coffee water. Then pour coffee water continuously on hair for about 1-2 hours to have beautiful hair color as desired.
Alternatively, use 1 cup full of pure coffee powder, 2 egg yolks, 1 teaspoon of rum and warm water. You mix the coffee cup with boiling water to get very concentrated coffee water, then let it cool. Next, you add 2 egg yolks with 1 teaspoon of rum and 2 teaspoons of warm water. Then mix well and apply to dry hair. Incubate your hair for about 30 minutes and then wash it with clean water. After a few more attempts, see your hair has a very nice chestnut brown color.

3. Has reddish brown hair with beets and carrots

You already have brown hair and you want it to have a bit of red for a more beautiful and youthful look? Look in your kitchen for 2 ingredients: beets and carrots. We’ll show you how to dye your hair with this natural ingredient for a very easy reddish brown hair.
Rinse the carrots and beets, then cut them into small pieces. Then bring it all into the blender, add 1 bowl of water to blend it smoothly. Use a bag or sieve to filter out the residue, keeping the water. After moistening your hair, start applying this mixture. Apply slowly, combine hair massage to absorb this natural dye mixture evenly. Repeat until all the dye is gone. You incubate your hair for 1 hour and then wash it with regular shampoo. You should apply this staining once a week. Do it for 3-4 weeks in a row, you will see your hair color clearly.

4. For golden brown hair, look for a lemon, a potato and a chamomile

Next is how to dye hair with natural ingredients to have an extremely youthful golden brown hair color. You need to prepare the ingredients that are fresh lemons, potatoes and dried chamomile to make tea. Fresh lemons help soften hair, chamomile helps lighten hair color, combined with potatoes form a mechanism to break down the keratin coating on the hair. Gradually give you a golden brown hair color.
You need to steam about 100 grams of potatoes, then mash the potatoes. Next, you squeeze 1 fresh lemon to get the juice. Take about 30g of dried chamomile to make a cup of concentrated chamomile tea. Combine all the above ingredients together to make a paste. Use this mixture to spread evenly over dampened hair and gently massage for 5 minutes. You use a dryer to heat this part of hair that is being incubated for about 3-5 minutes. Then rinse with clean water and normal shampoo.


Since these are all natural hair coloring methods, you need to be persistent. The first time the effect is not obvious, but do not be discouraged, but do it until you get the desired hair color.
In addition, when you have dyed your hair color like that, you need to do a few ways to help your hair color last longer: avoid washing your hair with boiling water, so limit washing your hair for the first 3 days after dying. Limit the use of hot tools for curling, drying, styling, and straightening hair …
With the above natural hair coloring methods, you can completely own your favorite color without having to go to the salon. The cost of saving, although it only takes a little time, but if it is safe to receive, it is worth a try, right?

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