Factors that influence sperm quality

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The foods that are good and not good for sperm, the couple hope that the baby is best not to include in the diet. Let’s refer to offline!

1. Sperm count: Sperm high.

Sperm morphology: The average size and shape of the sperm in the test sample is an important indicator of fertility.

3. Mobility: Mobility assesses the ability of sperm to swim to reach and fertilize eggs effectively or not. Make your dreams come true with wolf casino games.

Semen volume: The minimum volume of semen required to bring sperm over the female genital tract smoothly.

Foods that are beneficial for the prostate gland, promote production, improve sperm quality:

1. Black beans: Black beans provide natural estrogen, help restore fitness, increase fertility.

2. Bananas: According to research, bananas contain a rich content of enzymes that control sex hormones and their vitamin content to help promote sperm production.

3. Tomatoes: Tomatoes help improve prostate health, increase sperm count up to 70%.

4. Asparagus: Asparagus contains abundant folic acid, which helps in the production of DNA and a powerful army of sperms.

5. Oysters: Oysters help improve libido and support sperm production.

6. Peas: Peas contain an abundant amount of zinc – an active ingredient that enhances the quantity and quality of the sperm.


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