Benefits of eating blueberries every day of pregnant mothers

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Benefits of eating blueberries every day of pregnant mothers:

Helps treat inflammation

When pregnant mothers regularly eat blueberries, they will help prevent chronic inflammatory diseases that are the leading cause of several diseases such as heart disease, autoimmune disease, diabetes, allergies, … In the nutritional composition of blueberries. Contains many essential antioxidants to protect the cells in the body and also help fight inflammation.

Improve immunity

When pregnant, if pregnant women regularly eat blueberries, it will provide them with a lot of proanthocyanidin, which helps the pregnant mother’s body maintain a high level of immunity to strengthen the resistance.
Blueberries are good for the digestive system of pregnant women
In addition, cranberries can prevent bacteria from accumulating and growing in the intestinal lining. Blueberries also help bacteria boost immune development and protect the body against all kinds of birth defects for the fetus.

Beneficial for oral hygiene

There are many women who experience tooth problems during pregnancy. But it will resolve this when mothers only need to eat a handful of blueberries or drink a glass a day can help prevent tooth decay. Better for the baby’s teeth after birth.

Prevent constipation

When pregnant, pregnant mothers often get uncomfortable constipation. However, this situation will be resolved if the mother eats blueberries regularly. In the nutritional profile too much fiber, it will prevent constipation effectively.

Prevent edema

During pregnancy, pregnant mothers often fall into a state of edema, discomfort, this condition is very common. In addition, the juice from blueberries helps with natural diuretics. Therefore, pregnant mothers who eat blueberries or drink blueberry juice during pregnancy can prevent or treat fluid retention to reduce edema for pregnant mothers.

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