5 secrets the hotel travelers need to know

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Hotel pillows and pillows are not always cleaned. Many travelers have odd requests or ask silly questions to the hotel staff. Let’s join us to find out these secrets right away.

Hotel rooms are not always clean

One of the best things about travel is that someone always comes and cleans your room every day. However, things are not as real as you might think, we don’t want customers to know that one out of every two blankets is never washed. Simple laundry testers test by smelling. She has been an expert at smelling blankets and towels for many years.

The hotel makes every effort to accommodate guests’ special requests

Some people have odd requests. However, many hotel staff is still happy to pamper guests. “When booking online, there is usually a section for special requests,” said Colby Brock, Hotel Manager at Radisson New Rochelle. We received a request for a room with a picture of actor Nicolas Cage. We all laughed.

Hotel staff is not stone wood

No matter how bad your day is, be polite and friendly to the front desk. You don’t know what they went through. And maybe your kindness will be rewarded well.

The hotel does not want you to book through an intermediary website

“These sites are causing real problems for the hotel industry by generating very high costs for reservations,” said Jessica Grentner, hotel salesman. Visitors are often lured by earning points, but actually, they only make their expenses more expensive ”.

The hotel gets many silly questions

Lisa Niver, an employee of We Said Go Travel who has worked for many years on the Princess Cruises, Royal Caribbean International, and Renaissance Cruises, said she was asked a lot of questions such as: “What time is the midnight buffet? Is this the moon we still see at home? Does this lift go to the back of the train? Do the crew sleep on the ship? ”. And she often got into trouble if she did not respond satisfactorily.


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