4 types of snacks that cause weight gain for children

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Some foods kids love, but that is what causes obesity.


In most commercial creams there is sugar. Many people often use it as desserts, snacks. However, cream, but quite a lot of energy, can cause obesity for you. In addition, when mothers give babies a lot of creams, they can cause tooth decay, which is not good for their health.


The nutritional composition of biscuits contains a lot of sugar, refined flour, and added fat. In addition, the biscuits they can contain are extremely high calories that easily cause weight gain for your child.
When babies crave and want to eat biscuits, mothers can give them a small amount, a small portion, and not a giant cookie or a whole pack of cookies. If the mother feeds the baby too much, it can cause obesity, weight gain, and heart disease for the baby.

French fries

Chips in the form of sticks or slices are just baby snacks. However, the average serving of french fries typically contains around 427 calories, making them a high-calorie snack.
French fries also often accompany other junk foods and are often served with high-sugar sauces like ketchup. When moms regularly eat french fries and slices are rich in refined fat, carbs, and salt. Studies indicate a relationship between them and obesity weight gain.

Peanut butter

The ingredients of commercial peanut butter often contain sugar, hydrogenated vegetable oils, and lots of added salt. Peanut butter types are also very high in calories, and some people easily overeat their children with adverse effects on your child’s health.
Mothers need to pay attention and limit the above foods for our children to be healthy


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