3 girls who are less sensitive in love

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These girls are not delicate enough to recognize the boys’ feelings through indirect flirting.

1. Aries

Originally a straightforward, honest, brave Fire girl, however, White Sheep’s EQ was just below average. She is too innocent and sincere, so she is not subtle or skillful enough to recognize a guy’s feelings behind hidden actions or words. Therefore, if you are “crushing” an Aries girl, do not be foolish to listen, shoot “hint” or let go of flirting with the hope that she will understand and turn on the green light. Fortunately, having reincarnated into another zodiac, Aries can understand your heart. Please confess directly and publicly if you want to get a clear answer from her!

2. Taurus

“Slow but sure” is Taurus action and thinking, even in the love story, this Golden Cowgirl is also very “slow to spend” and very stupid. Do not play the game “cat and mouse” when hot and cold, listen to the smelly text messages, then take interest in her sometimes and then act coldly indifferently, Taurus will not understand the mind of where are you Instead of making her guess your feelings, you should approach slowly, frankly express your wishes and use the tactic of “long drizzling rain” to flatter this good lady!

3. Lion

The lion is proud to be proud, thinks he is good, everything knows everything, on the astronomical information under the geographic wall. But really, this sister just shows me like that, but in love with the hearing, it’s very poor. Being the arrogant and arrogant queen, the Lion will never actively “cast hearing” or attack any object, even if people like to let it go. However, this girl is not qualified enough to grasp the psychology of men, so it’s harder to play the game “swing” and catch the signal of someone who has feelings for her even harder than going to heaven. picking stars for the Lion. “Love is to say, to be hungry”, if you have a crush on this arrogant girl, please express it directly, you may not need to meet, but send by text message, as long as you say it. Three meaningful words to express your heart is okay. Lions are very straightforward in responding to confessions. If you like, you will nod in agreement, if you do not like it, you will refuse directly to save each other’s time.


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