12 ways to teach children “in the Jewish” style

by duyhungb5
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The foundation of every Jewish family stems from three pillars: the father, the mother, and the child. Therefore, the future of a child depends heavily on the two preceding “pillars”.

  1. Jewish parents do not criticize their child’s shortcomings in front of outsiders. Instead of attaching negative words to their children like “I’m a bad person / I’m lazy”, parents will say, “Why would a child like me be obedient to such unfortunate behavior? “.
  2. Children may play with toys because the Jewish parents understand that children are curious about the world. Not using scolding to force children to be tidy, to keep the house clean, to let their children freely express themselves and to create is the way for their parents to develop their thinking.
  3. Jewish mothers routinely praise their children, especially when they are praised in public, children will feel their presence and place in society. Being praised promotes the child’s spirit and way of doing things.
  4. Absolute trust is a reward Jewish parents give to their children. Because when a child receives such trust, they are grown up and always know how to make their parents feel secure.
  1. Appearances are not as important as their acquisition, so when they go out to play, clothes are soiled, hands and feet are covered with dirt or food… nor do Jewish mothers feeling uncomfortable. They believe that it is unnecessary to keep children clean when going out. Instead, let them be free in playing and learning from life.
  2. Set an example for their children is how Jewish parents teach their children to take responsibility for their own behavior. In front of children, adults always act cautiously and seriously with all their decisions.
  3. Jewish parents made it easy for children to do whatever their condition allowed. The lesson of independence from an early age is to help their children grow up, so the image of Jewish children sitting on their own steak, even if they are only about a year old, in any Israeli cafe.
  4. Being taught to observe and pay attention to the attitudes and behaviors of their parents towards each other, Jewish children when they see their parents’ love for each other will know the value of respect and take care of loved ones. From there, children will know how to treat everyone around.
  1. To be a parent, Jewish people had to learn to be a parent before they could have children. There was even an educational system for parents and families and for any Jewish people developed by historical Jewish sages.
  2. Jewish children are free to do so many things, but children should always take family seriously and no Jewish child should be allowed to offend or disrespect their parents. If you make a mistake, you will suffer a very heavy fine.
  3. From an early age, Jewish parents focused on teaching their children to work hard and manage time. Therefore, I can study many subjects at the same time with a sizeable amount of time such as violin, English, math …
  4. When taught about confidence, failure and victory, Jewish parents always believed that their children would step out of the comfort zone, explore the world, and solve problems for themselves. Instead of just standing still and waiting for results, children should be taught by their parents about how to take risks.


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